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Taxi of Tomorrow: The Centerpiece of Nissan's Future
Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow
Nissan is promoting 5 high-profile launches over the next 15 months. Familiar names like the Altima and Pathfinder will have all-new models rolling out in 2012 and 2013. At the heart of these campaigns will be a taxi cab hitting the streets of New York City next year.

The "Taxi of Tomorrow" campaign started last year when Nissan won the contract endorsed by NYC Mayor Bloomberg. The goal was to revamp the aging taxi fleets in a city where the majority of residents do not own cars. For Nissan, it's an opportunity to promote their NV200, but more importantly it will highlight the company's commitment to innovation and forward progress in technology. Monday, Nissan launched the two campaigns simultaneously, one for the taxi and one for the five upcoming vehicle launches. This infographic breaks down the campaign and the taxi itself.

Taxi Graphic

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