Nissan Car Rentals in Bremerton WA

Have you found yourself out of your new or used Nissan for a few days and wondering, “does the Nissan warranty cover rental cars?” Stop by our new Nissan Rental division near Port Orchard and Gig Harbor which offers exceptional Nissan car rental prices on several best-in-class new Nissan vehicles. Whether you need a Nissan Maxima rental car for the day, or a temporary car while you get some work done on your Nissan Altima, take advantage of the Nissan car rentals available at Advantage Nissan. Check out our daily and weekly rates to find what works with your schedule and budget!



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Advantage Nissan Car Rental Division

At Advantage Nissan, we’re proud to welcome any driver in need of a rental. You don’t need to be a current customer, in for service, or under warranty to rent a new Nissan car or SUV from us. Simply, bring your driver’s license and a credit card and you ‘ll be behind the wheel of your rental in no time. We’ve done our homework and feel very strongly that we can provide a convenient and affordable solution for anyone who needs to rent a vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about the Advantage Nissan Car Rental Divison, or schedule an appointment with one of our representatives who can get the rental process started!