Nissan Car Rentals in Bremerton WA


Nissan Car Rentals in Bremerton WA?

If you need to rent a Nissan near Bremerton, Washington – Advantage Nissan can help you. Our new Nissan Rental division offers everyone affordable rental payments on several best-in-class new Nissan vehicles. Forget going to Enterprise or any other car rental company in the Bremerton -area, give Advantage Nissan a call and be on your way today!


Advantage Nissan Bremerton Car Rentals

Daily Rates

Compact (Versa) $38.00 + Tax

Intermediate (Sentra) $42.00 + Tax

Standard (Altima) $45.00 + Tax

Rogue Sport AWD $55.00 + Tax

Weekly Rates

$185.00 Compact + Tax
$200.00 Intermediate + Tax
$225.00 Standard + Tax

$300.00 Rogue Sport AWD + Tax

Advantage Nissan Car Rental Division

You don’t need to be a current customer, in for service, or under warranty to rent a new Nissan car or suv from Advantage Nissan! All you need is a driver’s license and a credit card and you can lease from us! We’ve done our homework and feel very strongly that we can provide a convenient and affordable solution for anyone who needs to rent a vehicle.



We offer car rentals to anyone providing you have a valid driver’s license and credit card. All of our rental vehicles are brand new Nissan models. You do not have to be a current customer of ours in order to borrow a vehicle from us! Before you head to Hertz or Enterprise give us the opportunity to provide you a modern, convenient, and fun car renting experience! Come to Advantage Nissan today!