How Often Do You Change Synthetic Oil?


Many new vehicles have been updated with synthetic oils, designed to last longer than conventional motor oils so that your vehicle requires less frequent maintenance. But how often do you change synthetic oil? The answer generally ranges from 7,500 miles to 15,000 miles, but there are plenty of factors to consider. Advantage Nissan covers how often to change synthetic oil for Bremerton-area drivers below.

How Often to Change Synthetic Oil: Why Choose Synthetic Oil? 

When you’re seeking out a Port Orchard or Gig Harbor -area service center, it’s good to be informed before going in. So, what’s synthetic oil? This increasingly common oil is more refined than conventional oil, which leads to a few benefits: 


  • Performance at Extreme Temperatures: One major factor that wears oil down is the heat from the engine it’s lubricating. Synthetic oil has been designed to not break down as easily under this pressure. 
  • High Performance: One major factor to consider if you’re into more intense driving scenarios, like racing, is that synthetic oil stays cleaner longer. 
  • More Expensive: One drawback that some drivers find with synthetic oil? It’s more expensive. But that factor is offset by another —
  • Less Frequent Oil Changes: How often do you change synthetic oil? The answer is almost always less frequent than conventional oil. Synthetic oil lasts longer and so saves you on oil change costs. 

As always, it’s best to consult your owner’s manual to find out which kind of oil is ideal for your vehicle. 

Can Your Mix Oils? 

Some drivers find themselves in difficult situations and have to mix synthetic and conventional oils in their car. This is entirely possible, but you’ll notice a degradation in performance if you’re driving a vehicle that requires synthetic oil. 

How Much is a Synthetic Oil Change? 

Reaching that 7,5000-mile marker and wanting to change your oil? Schedule service online to find out what price you’ll pay.

Often, Bremerton-area dealerships have service specials that will help you save on oil changes.

Contact Us Today! 

At Advantage Nissan, we want to empower Bremerton drivers to take good care of their vehicles. That’s possible with our many service tips and parts tips. And you can always contact us with any questions about how often to change synthetic oil and more!

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