How to Fix a Dent or Scratch in a Car

pointing out a car dent

If you need to fix a small dent or scratch in your car, we are happy to help. At Advantage Nissan, we are ready to guide you. Below we have the steps that will teach you to rid of scratches and dents in your car. We understand if you are not up to a do-it-yourself project. Our Auto Repair and Body Shop can save you time. Our teams are ready to bring your car back to life.

We are happy to provide you with all the tips you need to do a DIY. Below is a how-to-fix a dent or scratch in a car!

How to Fix Scratches on Your Car

We know how much you love your vehicle. You do all you can to prevent scratches to your car. However, running errands, picking up kids, to highway driving, scratches happen. Not to mention, there are different types of scratches. The most common scratches on a car are clear coat scratches. A surface-level scratch that has not damaged the paint to your vehicle.

Here are five steps to repairing scratches on your car:

  1. Clean the scratched area with soapy water and a clean towel. A clean surface will remove dirt or debris that can scratch the surface even more.
  2. Tape off the scratched area. You will be able to locate the scratch on your car during the repair process.
  3. Next, sand the scratch with sandpaper. You will want to choose a 3000 to 5000-grade grit. Before scratching, wet the sandpaper and work against the grain of the scratch. Only use rougher sandpaper for more deep abrasions.
  4. The second type of sandpaper you need is a 5000-grade grit. Continue to use until the mark disappears and blends the area into the paint.
  5. Finally, buff the scratched area in your car with a microfiber cloth. The cloth will polish the area. Then, add a touch of wax to protect your finish.

Do-It-Your-Self: How-To Fix a Dent in Your Car

A dent in your car can be an eyesore. We know how much Port Orchard drivers take pride in their vehicles. Your joy is why we have simplified a DIY repair to remove dents in your car. You will need a few tools to complete a dent repair Tacoma :

Tools You Need to Fix a Dent in Your Car:

  • A Suction Cup Dent Puller: Creates a vacuum suction over a dent. Use some muscle here to give the dent puller a strong pull. Once released, your dent should pop out.
  • Hairdryer: Run your hairdryer for several minutes on the dent in your car.
  • A Mallet Hammer: When the area is hot, hammer the dent back in place.

Get Quality Service at Our Advantage Nissan Auto Repair Shop.

At Advantage Nissan, we are not shy to help you with all of your auto service needs. Visit our service department to receive expert care. We will polish scratches in your car back to perfection. Our certified technicians are ready to remove dents like they were never there. Check out our service specials too! We have a knack at saving on car repair and maintenance Gig Harbor! Don’t be shy; schedule a service appointment with us!


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