How to Get Rid of Car Mold


Have you noticed a musty or moldy smell in your car? Not only can it be offensive, it can be dangerous to your health over time. While there are simple ways to get rid of the odor quickly and effectively, getting rid of extensive car mold can be difficult. Before you get started on mold-removal specifically, it’s important to do a deep clean of your interior. Once you’ve done so, read on to see how to clear up car mold and return to driving mold-free, or contact our service experts if you need more hands-on assistance.

Steps to Car Mold Removal

From the musty smell, to its health impact, to its effect on the value of your trade-in, mold is sure to cause issues if gone untreated. Here is how to get mold out of a car: 

    1. Most instances of car mold are caused by water damage, so it’s important for you to make sure your vehicle is as dry as possible. If you have a garage to work in, a dehumidifier can help keep mold at bay.
    2. If you’re waiting for your vehicle to dry, remove floormats, seat covers, ect, and vacuum out any debris.
    3. Once your interior is dry, it’s time to get started on the mold removal process.
    4. Select a mold cleaner for your particular upholstery. White vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle is a common mixture for Gig Harbor drivers to use; others will use a 1:1 solution of water and color-safe bleach. Do you have leather upholstery? If so, you should use a recommended leather-safe cleaner instead.
    5. Remember to test any cleaning solution on a discreet part of the fabric before using it elsewhere to ensure it doesn’t damage or discolor your upholstery.
    6. Open your doors and spray down the interior of the vehicle with your chosen cleaning solution. You should clean all areas – even ones you don’t think there is mold.
    7. If removing the mold proves to be difficult, you can try using the upholstery attachment on a wet/dry vacuum.
    8. Once finished, leave your car windows down so the interior can dry again fully. If you close your doors with the windows up, the moisture could bring mold back and undo the work you’ve done.

More Tips for Car Mold Removal

Car mold removal should be done safely. Consider the tips below:

  • If you find black mold in your car, wear a dust mask when removing the mold. This type of mold may irritate the lungs and lead to breathing issues.
  • Enzyme-based cleaners will handle many types of mold. You should be able to find these in local hardware stores. 
  • Be sure to spray down the entire vehicle to make sure that all of the mold is eradicated. Mold spores can be stubborn to remove and spread to areas you don’t even see.

Advantage Nissan Makes Cleaning Your Car Hassle-Free

If you are looking for additional tips on how to keep your vehicle looking like new, do not hesitate to reach out to the team at Advantage Nissan. Our expert team will help you take care of your new Nissan with ease for years to come.

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